Can One come with an index2.php file and redirect the htacess apply for the meantime? If that's the case how do you redirect the page for the moment in order to change it out later?

You will find two ways to get this done:

Put WordPress elsewhere

This really is, undoubtedly, the simplest way to produce a WordPress site and keep a current site active.

  1. Install WordPress inside a different location than your overall, static site
  2. Edit your Windows [cde] file to ensure that your pc indicates the brand new location whenever you try browsing towards the existing site
  3. Setup WordPress and obtain your website up-and-running
  4. When you are all set to go, inform your server to redirect demands in the old place to the brand new location

This is comparable to the procedure I personally use when establishing a brand new site or focusing on a customer system. If my static website is .hosts and endures around the server, I'll park WordPress in /public_html/ and make up a subdomain that points there (/public_html/wordpress/). When things are ready, I simply change my DNS configurations and everything moves instantly.

Setup your default documents in

In case your existing website is static, it's most likely got an .htaccess file within the root. You are able to tell your [cde] file to use this as the default document. Then, regular demands for your site will visit the static site, however, you can by hand visit WordPress by placing index.html in the finish of the URL.

The large lesson to understand here, though, is you should never develop on the production site. You need to develop your WordPress site elsewhere (in your area on your pc, on the subdomain, inside a subfolder, etc) and just move it towards the cause of your live site when you are ready for this to visit public.

Much simpler to set up inside a subdirectory like /dev/ and safeguard the website having a wordpress plugin like WordPress › Absolute Privacy « WordPress Plugins after which when it is ready, move it to root: Moving WordPress « WordPress Codex. No requirement for redirects or vhosts editing.