I haven't done a lot of web-developing and I must find out about it: the best way to create https-connections. I'm presently using apache with mysql/php as software development tools.

Would be the connections/ports for use always set up in the server or do you want some scripts for this in php? and must you do other things in MySQL except enable: have_ssl ?

The lessons which i have handled to locate were a little confusing about everything and not so thorough, And So I was wishing that somebody here may be so kind and explain the stuff briefly or possibly produce a hyperlink with a good tutorial.

If somebody could produce a hyperlink with a "readableInch tutorial or briefly let you know that the machine works.


You need to use Apache-SSL , OR mod_ssl with-in Apache Sever

I would recommend to make use of mod_ssl

you are a new comer to developing php/mysql use XAMPP of WAMP rather than setting up apache and setting up mod_ssl by hand it is simple to active mod_ssl in each of them if you wish to get it done by hand


if you would like redirect a particular road to use https rather than http , for instance

http ://yoursite.com/secure/ to https ://yoursite.com/secure/

Modify htaccess file and add this

RewriteRule "^(/secure/.*)" "https://%{HTTP_HOST}$1" [R=301,L]

SSL could be entirely handled through the webserver. The only real factor you may use PHP is make certain that the application has been utilized in SSL by checking if $_SERVER['HTTPS'] is placed.

SSL connections to MySQL commonly are not necessary for a safe and secure atmosphere. It'll add overhead for your connections that you might want to avoid.

Look for "How you can configure SSL in Apache" and you'll find a number of lessons about them.