I wish to create my very own form which are posted and values of this form is going to be saved in joomla database. How do i used the Joomla connection code to interacte using the joomla database.

If you want to get the work done, you will find some components already avaiable in Joomla Extension's website for your form's needs. CkForms is a great one, you may create simple forms by using it which are instantly held in the database (supports upload of files too).

If you wish to learn to write extensions in Joomla, you need to read Joomla Official Documentation website.

Extensions in Joomla are divided in "Components", "Modules" and "Plug ins". More informations about these variations are available here and here.

What you are attempting to achieve sounds a "component" in my experience. Installing the CkForms and reading through it's source code should enable you to get began to Joomla's way with words components.

EDIT: Joomla includes a huge API with many different features. It features a database module of it's own, with place techniques and the like. Reading through Joomla's API website before applying your component it's wise to prevent "reinventing the wheel" and it is a good practice since individuals techniques are extensively examined by all Joomla customers.

Just have a look at http://www.Joomla-Forms.com :-)

Have a look in the Chronoforms extension - does a lot more than you would like.

Hey, It's good for that beginner who would like to begin with joomla, but as Flavio stated it's not helpful with latest joomla versions. You can travel to Include Any Module Within Content in Joomla 1.5!: http://cntt247.com/page2.php?q=include_any_module_wmithin_content_in_joomla_1.5 for those informations you'll need.

You've two options:

  • Make use of an already built custom form extension
  • Make your own custom form extension (or delegate it)

If you simply want to customize the user registration form, you'll be able to perform some PHP personalization to complete your ultimate goal.