I've got a number of check-lists which are acting just like a grocery list (much like what http://www.mygrocerychecklist.com/ has underneath the fold). I am confident I'm able to learn how to create "print" and "email" options, but exactly how would Time passes about producing a "save list" choice for drenched in customers? Plus some way to allow them to notice again at another time? Only a general direction to suggest me in could be great--what would need to be engagedOrdialects etc by doing this the easiest possible way?

you could possess a server side script like php in order to save the checked products to some database like mysql.

essentially the html <form> is going to be published to server and also the server side language will require proper care of the relaxation.

also you ought to have a users table already within the db for storing username and passwords. you will want another table known as e.g checklists which has their email list as columns along with a column named user_id that describes each user id.

then you definitely store one row per user within the checklists table so when user returns to the website another php script will retrieved the related row from database and can look into the related check boxes in html

do u require more clarifications?