I've literally spent days hunting for a fix for your problem. PHP's mkdir() function is creating sites with owner/group: apache:apache. There's not a way I can be employed in ezinearticles via FTP since the file does not fit in with me.

How on the planet shall we be held designed to create sites and manage files with PHP when the user is definitely set to apache?

It is possible to workaround? Must I create sites via professional() or system() ?

Any assistance is appreciated.


Fixing mix-user access problems from a PHP installation and the other sub-system (within this situation, FTP) usually involves 1 of 2 solutions: running both sub-systems because the same user, or putting both customers inside a common group.

Regardless, the FTP protocol allows you create sites. Why don't you create them out of your FTP client?

You are able to chown() them ( Changes file owner)

however observe that

Just the superuser may change who owns personal files.

You could utilize PHP's:

chown(string $filename, mixed $user);

You can easily pass inside a director rather than personal files as $filename, as well as your username into $user.