I'm using custom area query wordpress plugin for wordpress during my site. I needed to produce sorting choice for custom area 'price' for front-end user to sort cost from option cheapest to greatest and greatest to cheapest. To make use of the custom area query wordpress plugin, I register the function during my headwaytheme.

add_action('init', 'register_From_Price');
function register_From_Price(){
register_custom_queryable_field("From_Price", array("dataType"=>"numeric","order"=>"DESC"));

Then, I put the following codes:

<span class="lowest">
<a href="<?php echo add_query_arg('order_by','From_Price','order'=>'ASC');?>">Lowest</a>

<span class="highest">
<a href="<?php echo add_query_arg(  'order_by', 'From_Price' ); ?>">Highest</a>

It employed by the greatest to Cheapest, but it's no longer working for that cheapest to greatest.

I question anybody by using this wordpress plugin will help advice, thanks.

I don't know what wordpress plugin you're speaking about

however i guess this might work