i am using Joomla using the JoomFish translation component. This site has german and chinese translations. What i am trying to puzzle out is how you can obtain the .p domain to default towards the german language translation ( which may load if visited as domain.com/p or domain.com/cn ).

Does anybody know a method to do that with maybe .htaccess ( some type of redirect )? Or even PHP? Maybe set some type of session variable in line with the domain (PHP_URL_HOST) ?

At this time i've apache2 setup using the wwww.domain.com because the primary virtual host, and also the .p and .cn as aliases.

Thanks! --Michael

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Provided, your Apache has mod_setenvif enabled, add this for your .htaccess file:

# Site utilized via "example.p" or "example.cn"

SetEnvIf Host ".p$" SITE_LANGUAGE=p

SetEnvIf Host ".cn$" SITE_LANGUAGE=zh

# URL dependent

SetEnvIf Request_URI "^/p/" SITE_LANGUAGE=p

SetEnvIf Request_URI "^/cn/" SITE_LANGUAGE=zh

Then, inside your PHP script you are able to query SITE_LANGUAGE:

switch($_SERVER['SITE_LANGUAGE']) situation 'de':

      // german stuff

   situation 'zh':

      // chinese stuff

What should you have had a choose situation in php with different get request?

Something similar to domain.com/?lang=p along with

$lang = "default"

if (isset($_GET['lang'])) 

if ($lang != "default") p") inside your code. .... could be in which you load your translator or language resource.       

Thanks! After adding the htaccess code, all i needed to do is edit /plug ins/system/jfrouter.php at about around 145:

if (isset($_SERVER['SITE_LANGUAGE'])) situation 'de':

               $client_lang = 'de'

               $lang_known = true

               JRequest::setVar('lang', 'de' )


            situation 'zh':

                $client_lang = 'zh'

                $lang_known = true

                JRequest::setVar('lang', 'zh' )