I have tried personally jquery ZeroClipboard to spread out a hyperlink on click. There's a code such as this which provides the peak and width for that div hitting which can turn to the given site link. However the div is situated in right place. This is actually the code in zerocliplboard.js

this.div = document.createElement('div');
    var style = this.div.style;
    style.position = 'absolute';
    style.left = '' + box.left + 'px';
    style.top = '' + box.top + 'px';
    style.width = '' + box.width + 'px';
    style.height = '' + box.height + 'px';
    style.zIndex = zIndex;

The width and height is offered dynamically because the link shows up for that 10 products in loop. But tend to not determine on which basis the peak and width are taken. Can anybody help for that solutions. Any suggestion is going to be appreciated.

Thanks ahead of time