Here's the one thing: I have to have a certain JEE webapp and deploy it to Amazon . com EC2 (that we will have to setup first) beginning the following month (while using . asked questions/ AWS Free Tier Usage - hope it supports Tomcat + MySQL/PostgreSQL).
The issue: I've never used a JEE application (not really a normal one on the devoted hosting) nor have I setup an Amazon . com EC2 enviorment.
What are the, idiot proof ideally, lessons/how-to's/whatever on doing the work in the beginning (registering to Amazon . com) up until the very finish (whenever your application is ready to go)?

Used to do find some lessons regarding how to setup an Amazon . com EC2 instance, how you can normally deploy a J2EE application but what I am searching for is really a single tutorial putting it altogether.

Begin with an Ubuntu AMI. Then install tomcat. Now place the WAR file of the J2EE application where tomcat can easily see it. You should use the AWS console to beginOrquit your machines, configure firewall rules where you can access port 80, etc. There will not be considered a step-by-step guide suggesting what to do, thanks for visiting as being a programmer.