I've examined Play now for a long time and everything is to establish in your area. Now I found a higher level:

  • I have to deploy may test project for an exisiting domain. I've looked the net and attempted a number of things, but not one of them assisted me deploy my web application.

Let us say that i'm a n00b, and i'm. I registered myself a website via www.antagonist.nl. My domain is wwww.tus***.eu. I've no to change anything on their own 'server', I suppose.

But how do i deploy a Play Framework ApplicationWebsite on this type of domain??

Thanks all for assisting.

Hm. That which you registered is really a domain with webhosting for PHP/Mysql internet sites. What you're searching for is really a Play! hosting service. You can't deploy a Java means to fix a PHP Server.

You'll have to host your play application on a single of individuals services after which redirect your domain via DNS redirection toward the woking platform hosting your application. The DNS modification ought to be possible via your registar (antagonist.nl) but that procedure is specific for every registrat and so i won't assist you.

Incidentally, listed here are a couple of Play! hosters :