i've got a Linux Machine, Apache server is running and i have to deploy my project that has developed on Home windows machine.

Can someone produce bit idea how to achieve that?

Thanks ahead of time.

for those who have FTP or SCP accessibility sites where Tomcat is installed, you need to have the ability to simply copy the produced WAR file towards the tomcat/webapps directory. Tomcat will instantly deploy the war for you personally.

When redeploying, I've found it most secure to remove the initial .WAR file in Tomcat, and tomcat will instantly destory the skyrocketed directory for you personally. When that's done, copy in the .WAR file.

Finally, make certain you copy the .WAR file "all at one timeInch. For those who have a sluggish upload, Tomcat will attempt and deploy the .WAR file despite the fact that it's not completely been submitted yet. This can result in a partial or not successful deployment. It's recommended that you upload to some neutral directory (home directory, temp, whichever), after which either relabel (using mv) the .WAR into tomcat, or just copy it there while using local file systems copy command. Considerably faster compared to upload. Most secure strategy is to mv the file in the same filesystem.

All this assumes you don't have the manager or admin ports open for Tomcat, because it provides systems to remotely deploy programs directly.

But, in reality, simply getting rid of that old application and sliding within the new application works simply and well for a lot of programs.