I've got a commercial program that can take input from the delimited text file and stores that data inside a MySQL database. I'm writing a Perl script that basically removes the requirement for the commercial program and uploads the information straight to the database. However, I'm unsure by which tables the commercial program stores all of the data. You will find hundreds of tables within this database, and so i require a tool that may crawl with the database for me personally and map in which the data goes. Is anybody conscious of something (Perl or else) that will help?

You could just consider the general query log to determine exactly what the commercial application does.

This log can have all of the connections it can make along with the sql it's performing.

Indiguy, make use of the MySQL Query Profiler and run the commercial program. Then, it is simply a mather of searching exactly what the profiler drenched on after which replicate in your perl program :)


you can test utilizing a profiler, check this out links.

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