I Personally Use cPanel for hosting this site. I've observed when anybody who visits this site is surely a webmaster, he is able to always achieve my cPanel Login page via mydomain.com:2082, mydomain.com/cpanel, etc.. It is best not to allow the site visitors understand what user interface I personally use. I wish to disable these Web addresses. To myself sign in to cpanel, I'll make use of the alternate URL supplied by my Hosting Company that is something similar to a.myhost.com/cpanel.

Like a deal with, I additionally transformed the primary domain and added my primary website being an addon domain. But even that did not work and addondomain.com:2082 and addondomain.com/cpanel turned up the cpanel login and that i could login there using cpanel account information.

Help me hide these pages in the public world. A minimum of addondomain.com:2082 or addondomain.com/cpanel should throw a 404(more suitable) or 403 or anything.

I personally use cPanel 11/x3.

Even my host company can't assist me to with this particular. Anyone who know anything relating to this, or implemented this, help me.

Thanks ahead of time....

Can't you utilize cpanel to place a redirect around the /cpanel directory? Unsure ways to get around 2082 w/o more rights. Possibly your htaccess?

However ,, relax around the cpanel. Nobody cares that you simply build your existence simpler by utilizing cpanel. Many people do. The only real those who are likely to know are, while you say, designers. And you know what, they will use CPanel too.

In case your host company cannot assist you with this, then you are at a complete loss. Better to set b .htaccess rule to redirect /cpanel towards the home page.

For the .htaccess:

Redirect /cpanel /

or maybe it fails,

Redirect /cpanel http://your-site.com

From the similar discussion elevated on cPanel's Forums - "Changing cPanel URL?" (29 Nov 2010):

There's not a way to alter the main harbour amounts for cPanel, the WebHost Manager or Webmail. The main harbour amounts are difficult-coded into cPanel and there's no configuration option that enables these to be transformed.

Even when you edit the httpd.conf file and alter the ScriptAlias directives that create /cpanel, /webmail and /whm to operate, they it's still accessible via ports 2082/2083, 2095/2096, and 2086/2087, correspondingly.

(With application, or package specific questions, your very best the avenue for call is initially their very own forums/helpdesk as opposed to a general purpose community like StackOverflow.)