However , I personally use a couple of identical databases with various names. I'd like ConnectionDBContext designer to not append database title to functions title. For example

[Function(Name=@"**project.**DeletePlnAttributeSelectableValue", IsComposable=true)]

where "project" may be the database title. Are you aware how to achieve that?

Thanks ahead of time. Paweł

The database title is not prepended that's the schema (in the past: owner, but a little more complicated) from the object. It won't work with no schema, especially for any UDF, where it's a mandatory area of the calling syntax in TSQL.

Through which I am talking about that:

select * from DeletePlnAttributeSelectableValue(...)

is not valid TSQL it has to range from the schema, for instance:

select * from dbo.DeletePlnAttributeSelectableValue(...)

The database could be before that multi-part object naming is:


so foo is definitely an object known as foo, and is foo within the somedb database.

I suspect the issue here is you have selected the "default schema" for that database on the per-database basis, the industry bad design, IMO.

A LINQ data-context works all right against any database with appropriate objects - you just give you the connection-string (or connection) at runtime through the constructor.