Project that we am presently working is developed using ZF and dojo. For the Development and Production server we've fundamental user authentication that is handled using apache's virtual host config file (by getting customers and password files). Whenever we type the server URL, it'll pop-in the authentication window. It's working well.

We've following remotes within our project.

  1. Index
  2. profile
  3. Error
  4. Signoff

However our client has develop a brand new requirement that just for "Signoff Controller", they wish to allow use of everybody within the network with no authentication. But when they struggle to gain access to other remotes it will request for user authentication.

Kindly tell me your ideas about fixing this problem either by utilizing .htaccess( apache URL rewrite ) or ZF classes if any.

You need to most likely attempt to set this up in Zend as you'll have a far more flexible setup.

// just a simple example to get you started
$config = array(
    'accept_schemes' => 'basic digest',
    'realm'          => 'My Web Site',
    'digest_domains' => '/members_only /my_account',
    'nonce_timeout'  => 3600,

$adapter = new Zend_Auth_Adapter_Http($config);

Take a look at more about the Zend Manual on different types of auth.