automatically apache will load php interpreter with .php extension. Somephow php interpreter also known as with this particular type of extension . How you can disable this language extension?

The .fr has been construed as French throughout content settlement by Apache. This really is most likely since you have Options +MultiViews and MultiviewsMatch Handlers are generally set. Eliminating either should stop from working, but altering this might break other pages. (Assumably, you enabled for both grounds). Also, I am not completely confident that MultiVideosMatch is applicable to PHP, but Options +MultiViews certainly does.

If you are attempting to make certain people can't upload PHP files and also have your webserver execute them, rather than just blacklisting extensions, use php_admin_flag engine off to show off PHP for the reason that location:

<Location /uploads>
    php_admin_flag engine off

you are able to setup the extensions construed by Apache on 2 Places.

  1. httpd.conf

    AddType application/x-httpd-php .phpx

Will load .phpx files as PHP Scripts

  1. mime.type

    application/x-httpd-php phpx