Can you really disable Wordpress's WYSIWIG editor on the per-publish or per-page basis? I don't want to get rid of it entirely, because it does things i requirement for 90% from the pages. However, around the 10% of pages that require custom code fighting by using it although it strips out tags, reformats sentences, etc is really a bear.

I must possess a couple of pages in which the TinyMCE editor is completely disabled also it only shows code view, and also the relaxation normal.

In direct response to the question: it may be possible to get it done if you're prepared to risk smashing the after sales from the site but you would need to hard code which pages or posts aren't seeing the editor and that i don't believe this is exactly what you'd in your mind.

Things I would do rather in cases like this is train you to ultimately operate in HTML view solely or investigate another wealthy text editor with less obnoxious habits: