You will find different "Application memory" options (like 80MB...200MB) in django-friendly hosting known as webfaction and I am confused determining which I ought to buy.

Could someone please walk me with the ideas regarding how to work out how much memory my project may need (excluding operating-system, the primary apache server and also the database servers memory needs)? I realize theoretically I'll have to carry out some type of load testing, but thought there can be methods to calculate that ahead of time with a few simple/relatively simple understandable approach.

I'm not sure how hard they enforce application memory usage limit, and the other real question is: what's going to happen if more customers found the website and much more threads began than I was expecting? Will the applying crash? Or will delays just become uncomfortable?

And - no, application isn't ready yet (I can not measure anything at this time). Development atmosphere whether it matters is Winodows 7, 64-bit. Hosting is some type of Linux I believe.

(Sorry whether it's not really a stackoverflow question.)

Sorry, but til you have the applying completely developed, you cannot say anything concerning the type of memory it'll use. I suggest that you simply place their "cheapest" plan, and renew into it to suit your needs, or still better: get hosting after a person finishes developing the applying.

However, should you have had the applying ready, you can just run it in Apache together with your host's config plus some sample data to obtain a rough estimate...

To be sure that you simply can' tell much before your application is prepared. Like a vague estimation consider that the host should really be "django-friendly" so some "fundamental" application should run without problems. Try to upgrade later in the event that's possible easily. Also consider the kind of data that's processed together with your application, I eg. went into troubles once after i needed to process really large image uploads that made the entire site crash.
Also bear in mind if you want some ram for further processes eg. memcache!

Webfaction truly are a Django-friendly host, as well as your application will definitely not crash whether it begins requiring more memory than you've taken care of. What's going to happen is that you'll be permitted to make use of small quantities of extra memory, but when you consistently review the limit they'll give back a polite email asking for that you simply either lessen the load or purchase more.