I am writing a migration using Django's South, also it can only focus on MySQL databases. Can there be anyway I'm able to discover what database has been used (i.e. is running on mysql or perhaps is it on postgres, etc.). I wish to then raise the best.

I'm writing a nontrivial migration (renaming forgein secrets), and i believe it'll only focus on MySQL. Consistent with the south/python ideology of not proceeding if you cannot guarantee it'll work, I wish to raise the best if I am unsure it'll complete effectively.

To an interior django site that'll probably only operate on mysql, however I wish to be doubly sure just in case.

I do not think south states which database the migration was produced with, rather than searching at south would you consider the django configurations and find out what database they've set up.

Consider the database engines they've occur the configurations and when it's something other then "django.db.backends.mysql" throw your exception.