I am searching for a method to display the authors of the wordpress blog like a dropdown menu, by having an on change event that redirects the consumer towards the author page, which lists all of the previous posts compiled by that user.

It is possible to method of doing that?

UPDATE Really, you need to simply have the ability to use wordpress_list_authors() for the entire factor, because it instantly creates a listing of authors having a connect to a webpage exhibiting almost all their posts. See http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Tags/wp_list_authors#Markup_and_Styling_of_Author_Lists for additional particulars.

I am by using this wordpress plugin to show posts-by-author and delay pills work well. http://www.dagondesign.com/articles/posts-by-author-plugin-for-wordpress/

I've a writer.perl template which shows the author's info (pic, blurb) and below it I am showing their 5 newest posts while using wordpress plugin above.

To exhibit the pic I am by using this wordpress plugin: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/user-photo/

To obtain the dropdown contents you could utilize this wordpress function:

<?php wp_list_authors(); ?>

WordPress has added a function to get this done:

<?php wp_dropdown_users( $args ); ?>

You just need to type in your arguments. Should you prefer a sample of the within an HTML form having a submit button, there's one here http://bit.ly/wWunIE

Hope that can help.