Nintendo wii. Wouldso would Time passes about exhibiting comments to some static page from the comment box on the website where we're taking title and current email address along with a short comment.

One page might have the comment box and also the static page may have your comments ought to.

Any help would do...


One typical strategy is to consult a javascript that's build using database code.

Once the .js file is asked for, code is performed to construct the javascript code to ensure that it seems, towards the browser, to possess hardcoded some reactions to exhibit.

Then, whenever you publish a brand new response, your particulars are often put into the database, so when the javascript is rejuvenated, it's reconstructed, and can contain this new comment.

I do not recall the particulars around how you can reference the script file to ensure that the browser will not keep while using cached copy after you have added new comments, I have only used this type of leaving comments system once, and that i can't recall the title from it.

Haloscan is a such provider of these leaving comments systems.

I believe you are searching for the wordpress_list_comments function in Wordpress