I have trouble with disqus wordpress plugin using blogging platforms. How you can display disqus on webpage. therefore the single page will be a house page, maybe like this. Any idea to resolve it?


unsure that which you mean. Any comment wordpress plugin generally replace your present comment template and put their comment system. So make certain your comments_template(); in right place.

Please send particulars of the problem.

There is a Disqus tutorial with step-by-step instructions for any Content management systems. Does that assist you with your installation?

I am unsure that which you mean by "not the disqus comment, only the standard comment", though. Are you able to explain?

I'm also not able to obtain disqus to operate on home page. I'm able to pressure your comments ought to_template to look by setting the next variable: $withcomments = 1

making your comments ought to.perl template appear however the discus wordpress plugin only takes over if it is on other pages apart from webpage.

Its as though the wordpress plugin itself prevents it if is_home() instead of hearing wordpress $withcomments variable


Could be fixed with wordpress plugin hack to disqus.php:

In function dsq_comments_template alter the conditional if(!(is_singular() && ( have_comments() || 'open' == $post->comment_status ))

In mycase where I needed results on home as well as an aggregate page for any custom taxonomy 'issue' Used to do the next:

after global $comments; designed a var for that more complicated condition (it may use the if rather)

$pass = (is_home() || is_taxonomy('issue')) || (is_singular() && ( have_comments() || 'open' == $post->comment_status ));

if(!$pass) { return }

... the relaxation of function ...

Do well when the developer made a choice with this condition rather