I've got a library designed in C that will get distributed like a PHP extension, and my customers are getting problems being able to access the library when running inside a Hosting That Is Shared atmosphere.

Formerly (In PHP versions less that 5.2.5) our clients could simply employ the dl() function and also the full road to the library to gain access to it.

Since PHP 5.2.5 the dl() function cannot contain any path information so the library should be installed with a System administrator within the global PHP extensions directory.

By PHP 5.4 the dl() function continues to be deprecated and it has been removed directly from PHP 6.. This means that all libraries should be installed with a System Administrator as well as loaded through the PHP.ini.

So far as I will tell this is actually the new reality for PHP extensions inside a hosting that is shared atmosphere and you will find no 'work arounds'.

Do you know the key a few things i need related to my distribution to increase the chance that the Shared Host Administrator will do the installation with respect to my clients?

Lots of shared hosts are likely to disable the dl() function, even when its functional within their particular version of PHP. In a nutshell, hosting that is shared is quickly becoming old aside from individuals who would like to host your blog as well as other type of vanity site.

Its likely to be quite a while before many people are 'in the clouds', however aren't seeing anything wrong along with you expecting more severe customers to possess a VPS .. and specify the requirement for one like a system requirement.

Personally i think exactly the same burn on sides. I own a little webhost as well as develop custom PHP extensions. Fortunately, for me personally, I'm able to make my items open to clients which i host without hassle.

Perhaps you have considered just discussing a shared server and offering hosting to individuals who require it?