There exists a fairly large database (in SQL Server 2008) with lots of tables. We've just bought Red-colored Gate's SQL Doc for documentation reasons. We wish to document this database inside a detailed way. What's the best practice in recording a database? How can you document your characteristics with definitions? SQL Doc documents the database nicely but exactly how to include attribute definitions for this document (can there be some automagigal way)?

We use extended properties to "tag" constraints, tables, indexes, viws, procs, all. (we use SQL doc)

It's pointed out around the interweb quite a bit too

I'm not sure associated with a automatic methods for carrying this out, it's a little tiresome, but worthwhile. You will find a couple of ways to get this done, one with the table designer (right hitting a table, and selecting "design") and entering text in to the "Description" property on each column, or also employ the Database Diagramming Tool as referred to here:

You can examine out this regarding how to give a description to some column.

By doing this advertising media are your update scripts you can include explanations to posts or tables using the extended qualities that GBN pointed out