I am a newbie in CMSs, namely Joomla. I've got a website in Joomla and that i make a custom template for my layout.

Whenever a specific food selection is loaded I would like, for instance, to alter the page header title, or use a css file. Desirably the page title or css file ought to be occur Joomla administration page.

The aim is perfect for some pages/menu products apply different game titles or css files without produce a new custom template. I have heard in custom parameters but I am unsure in the event that get the job done. Any hint?

Thanks in advanced

Try looking in recption menus item in to the System Parameters slider. There you are able to set different game titles and CSS classes for the entire page. (You may have to modify your template to really use which include how you want. Just speculating that may possibly not do exactly what you would like as they are.)