I wish to dynamically create new sub domain names on my small website. i am talking about for those who have example.com then you definitely dynamically create sub.example.com .

i looked on the internet and there is nothing great. i downloaded some scripts however they counseled me no longer working. my website is dependant on php so please if there's anyway i'm able to get it done in php let me know, as well as if it may be possible with python then that's awesome!.

You have to setup a wildcard subdomain. Essentially, anything.mysite.com will resolve to mysite.com. At that time it's as much as your code to start working and offer the correct content based on what subdomain the consumer is searching at.

http://world wide web.google.lk/search?q=wildcard+subdomain

You cannot do that unless of course you've permission to change the DNS server for the domain.