I perform a large amount of lessons using Wordpress. The primary characteristic factor is the fact that every tutorial provides extensive screenshots. Not only whole screen shots, but fragments of screen essential for described a part of tutorial. During my work i actually do mostly website parts screenshots.

It's my job to get it done such as this: - press PRINT SCREEN - open Irfan View - paste whole screen capture - crop part i want - save it do disc of my computer - click "add image" in wordpress - pick the image from disc - voila, one image is put into publish

So when i write 1 tutorial publish i actually do it like 20-30 occasions... So my problem is it takes like "A Great DealInch of your time.

And check some plug ins that helped me to with this particular work. I personally use Opera, but also have Chrome and Opera. I have found "Light Shot" wordpress plugin for Opera. It' essentially provides you with choice to choose a part of web page and save it to it's website or clipboard. But regrettably you can't embedd the look using their server in wordpress.

And so i copied and pasted clipboard images to blog publish. However when i actually do this images take root as inline images. It labored for brief lessons. However when i saved tutorial with 5 images Wordpress work in two and saved only 1 / 2 of my publish.

And even when i'd repair it in some way i shouldn't have inline images, since it would kill my server performance and also you can't share the look in other posts.

And so i thought i request everyone knowing any means to fix make screengrabbing to Wordpress simpler. Maybe there's ready solution I did not know before.

UPDATE: Light Shot may take popped screenshot to clipboard. What exactly i'd need now's a extension or application that may upload image from clipboard to Wordpress gallery. Are you aware any?

there is one ff extension which was very promising - it appears to possess dissapeared :(


You will find a couple of services which do this for you personally, for example:


This website lists three options:

  1. SnagIt with autoexport - images get into a brand new publish. $50
  2. http://www.techsmith.com/snagit.html
  3. PicturePaste - Free for 50 pictures. $10 should you host by yourself server. $30 to make use of their servers.


best answer i've discovered is SPGrab