hi can anybody assist me to to locate how you can effectively share database connection objects from .internet connection pool. Mine is really a web appplication and that i need to limit the bond pool size to some particlar number too(say 20 connections) .to ensure that demands all client browser share this 20 connections. And that i read that if a lot more than 20 request comes at same time the relaxation from the demands have to wait until any conection in pool is freed. can i've got a better method of controlling this connections? My primary goal would be to process as numerous demands in webserver without giving much overload on database server. can anybody assist me to please..

Connections is going to be instantly drawn in the pool in line with the connection string, if you don't vary your connection string for every user (or any other purpose), you'll have the ability to reuse an association in the pool the moment you are through with one (note that i'm explaining the behaviour implemented through the pooling code and never anything you need to do or be worried about).

To be able to be effective with this particular, you have to make sure that your connections are just open just as lengthy since you need these to be which they're always, always closed (this really is general advice, not only specific for your situation).

In the event that you're encountering the bond pool limit, you are able to trap this error and only tell the consumer to test again later or spin for a short period and check out the bond again.

The utmost pool dimensions are 100 automatically but when you need to reduce the dpi to simply 20, you are able to specify it in your Connection String.

With such parameters in your connection string:

Max Pool Size = 20
Pooling = True

You're restricting the pool size to twenty.

See here for additional particulars regarding ConnectionString.