I've got a WordPress blog account already (abc.wordpress.com). And That I have my very own site: www.abc.com

I must integrate my WordPress blog content into my very own site. Hopefully something similar to blog.abc.com or simply replace the house page of abc.com with abc.wordpress.com

I understand will be able to download WordPress' code from wordpress.org and run my very own WordPress. And getting my very own MySQL database, but WordPress is definitely delivering new code. I not have the time for you to keep upgrading the origin on my small finish to complement it.

I am running my very own site like a hobby, and so i would rather let WordPress.com to handle this content for me personally and continue reuse my very own blog at abc.wordpress.com, but result in the content appear during my website: abc.com

I really hope I had been obvious when explaining this.

Anybody knows a method to do that?


I'm not sure how good you're with programming there is however a PHP library known as Simple Cake which may assist you to retrieve your articles via RSS (which Wordpress instantly creates for you personally). The adress is here now: http://simplepie.org/

If you're not so good with programming, possibly you will get someone to get it done for you personally or look for a script that is already written somewhere. I actually do think RSS is certainly the easiest method to go.

I additionally think you do too much the issues of hosting Wordpress yourself. It isn't something you need to keep up-to-date with, and when you need to, all you want do is sign in every so often, possibly monthly (how frequently are you currently writing and submitting articles?), and click on "update" and Wordpress is going to do everything for you personally. For both your plug ins and Wordpress version.

In case your primary worry is one of the updates, I'd say you shouldn't be. An easy click from the 'Updates' button within the wordpress admin is all that you should do to be able to apply the updates for wordpress. A notification will appear notifying you associated with a updates.

So that as Calle has pointed out, you are able to retrieve your articles via RSS, or you might just export your present content from Wordpress.com, import this content to your website, and keep it in check there. Everything could be in a single place.

Best Of Luck.