During my php5 web-application i personally use zend mailMerge for creating doc/pdf files from user data. Regrettably, after i write a code, browser throws me a mistake: "Uncaught exception 'Zend_Cleaning soap_Client_Exception' with message 'SOAP extension isn't loaded." I approached with my host company and requested about installation cleaning soap. He explained that my hosting does not support cleaning soap. Also i discovered a "nusoap" library. As written there, this library might help if server don't support cleaning soap. But after enabling this library during my web-application, nothing changes.

So,if at all possible, how you can enable Cleaning soap on the web-hosting that do not support Cleaning soap?

Thanks ahead of time.

If you are using NuSOAP, the application should be designed to make use of the NuSOAP library. My prediction is your application is designed for that regular Cleaning soap lib and for that reason must be rewritten if you are likely to use NuSOAP rather.

You can't load the standard Cleaning soap library whether it is not already placed on the server.

Did your webhost give worthwhile reason behind not enabling Cleaning soap?