I must use mod_rewrite() on my small apache setup on the home windows machine. While you most likely know, Home windows does not use Unix-style hidden filenames like ".htaccess."

So must i change AccessFileName .htaccess to AccessFileName xyz.htaccess ?

or there's another thing I have to do?

It's only Home windows Explorer that will not allow you to create us dot-filenames. Produce the file with any title you want, then make use of a Command Prompt to relabel it:

ren pog.htaccess .htaccess

After that you can edit it using Notepad or whatever for your heart's content, and you will be utilizing the same filename as everybody else.

Home windows Explorer will happily allow you to slowly move the file around and so forth despite a us dot-filename - it is simply naming or renaming such files that fails.

Open your httpd.conf. Change this line in towards the following:

AccessFileName ht.acl .htaccess

Apache on Home windows should utilize it, it simply will not be hidden.