I've got a application in ASP.Internet / C# situated on the server, my problem is how you can run another application (.exe) however in the customer that go to the website (the applying on server)



run browser         website

   and              (asp.internet/c#)

**execute           instruction

application.exe**           for execute application.exe

I developed ext.internet, a soft using asp.internet + c# that is an up-to-date version of the old soft produced in powerbuilder (v2 may be the new soft, v1 may be the powerbuilder one). V2 hasn't all of the functionality incorporated on V1, so after performing V2, I must execute V1. therefore if the consumer is applying V2 around the browser, I ought to have the ability to open V1 (V2 is situated inside a server, V1 set up in client. Since client opens browser for connecting to V2).

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desarrollé not software en ext.internet(asp+c#) el cual es una version actualizada p otro software anterior hecho en PowerBuilder (los llamaré v2 y v1 respectivamente). Por razones p tiempo, el software V2 no tiene todas las funcionalidades p V1, por lo cual, al finalizar el procedimiento disadvantage V2 se debe abrir V1. Vale decir, estando en el browser usando V2 debiera poder abrir V1 (.exe)

It's, regrettably, difficult because of security reasons. Been with them been possible, cyber-terrorist might have produced damage to client machines. However, you might have the ability to, might be, on older IE version using ActiveX. This might require decreasing the security setting to minimum. Here's the hyperlink in whatever way:

http://world wide web.governmentsecurity.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=23488

the only real factor that you can do within this direction is provide a connect to the applying to ensure that the consumer can choose to click it, download the file and carry it out in your area.

Apparently Sys Internals performs this, check here: Home windows SysInternals

however their live service simply provides you with the hyperlink for this page: http://live.sysinternals.com/ from where one can then download and execute in your area.

What's the reason for the applying, click once might be an answer .


The very fact you can't execute code from a browser isn't any unfortunate factor, it's a wonderfull security feature.

We want more particulars on which your exe must do because it will modify the technology you utilize but the right way to complete what for you to do is either:

  1. Use ActiveX. Possess the user install your ActiveX control once and you'll have the ability to run it there after. ActiveX is essentially managing a DLL around the client computer for you personally. You will find some sand-boxing restrictions which is receding of favor because it is IE only along with a bigger and bigger % from the internet isn't using IE.
  2. Use Silverlight. This is simpler to program with and will also be a lot more like what you're acquainted with. However (I believe) it's more sandbox restrictions than ActiveX, but it's mix browser and mix platform supported.

The Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework has good examples of both ActiveX and Silverlight. I reccomend using the All-In-One Sample Browser it is a little ruff round the edges however it works. There's a VS2010 extension too but it doesn't use the express version of VS2010 or with VS2008.

For any simple example regarding how to setup ActiveX for any web site begin to see the example HTMLEmbedActiveX. I don't know a particular silverlight example to show you.

Please provide more particulars inside your primary publish of what you're really attempting to do around the client side and I will tell you if one of these simple techniques works.