Does anybody understand how to export HSQLDB to .sql file or something like that on the computer and restore on other computer. Thanks

I had been attempting to export an HSQLDB database, from an ODB file believe it or not, and located it had been very unintuitive. Oddly, I rarely found any lessons or paperwork on only a simple export (the type that's frequently completed with, say, SQLite). I believed the incorporated SqlTool was the best answer, but found nothing apparent ("You may use SCRIPT" isn't useful, sorry). As this wasn't a database I understood anything about, I could not specify schema/table names, nor could I discover a method to uncover individuals.

Ultimately, I made use of an eval copy of RazorSQL ( I needed to relabel the database files to become .script, etc., based on RazorSQL's paperwork. I setup an association Profile that used the "JDBC (HSQLDB embedded)" connection type, choosing the script file which i based in the ODB database. I Quickly selected DB Tools in the menu, then Export Data, and selected the choices that appeared appropriate (CSV file, during my situation).

Hope this can help another person.

You may use SCRIPT.