How you can export all of the record in mongodb to csv ?

mongoexport --host localhost --db dbname --collection name --csv > test.csv

This asks me to specify title from the fields I have to export. Can One just export all of the fields without indicating the title of fields?

mongoexport  --help
-f [ --fields ] arg     comma separated list of field names e.g. -f name,age
--fieldFile arg         file with fields names - 1 per line

You need to by hand specify it and when you consider it, it can make sense. MongoDB is schemaless, Resumes, however, includes a fixed layout for posts. Not understanding what fields are utilized in various documents you can't really output the Resumes dump.

For those who have a set schema possibly you can retrieve one document, harvest the area names from this having a script and pass it to mongoexport.