I am attempting to convert from the MSSQL .bak database to MYSQL. This question and solutions happen to be very helpful, and that i have effectively imported the database, but am now stuck on conveying to MYSQL.

The MYSQL Migration Toolkit was recommended, but appears to possess been changed my the MYSQL Work bench. Can you really make use of the MYSQL Work bench emigrate from MSSQL in the same manner the migration tool labored?

Or perhaps is the Migration Toolkit still available somewhere?

It appears as if you correct: The Migration Toolkit is because of be integrated with MySQL Work bench - but I don't think it has been finished yet. Begin to see the Finish-of-existence announcement for MySQL GUI Tools (which incorporated the Migration Toolkit):


MySQL maintain archives from the MySQL GUI Tools packages:


I have tried personally MySQL Migration Toolkit around the server where our MS SQL db is and tried on the extender to try to migrate to MySQL database server. It appears to operate, but after sometime attempting to verify the migration it appears there's issues!

Everybody stored saying to make use of mysql-work bench since it was "the tool" for which I had been attempting to do.

Today I installed Mysql-work bench 5.2.29 on a Linux machine along with a Home windows machine, with no where have I discovered a method to carry out the migration with work bench. I do not even see a method to connect with a MS SQL database using port 1433. I clicked on everywhere and attempted a number of things however it stored neglecting to connect with my Source MS SQL database server.

I possibly could have it for connecting towards the Destination mysql server fine, but can't discover a method or any paperwork, howtos, info based on how to do the Migration from MSSQL to MySQL with work bench anywhere...

I spent last a couple of days focusing on this, some building on rhel5 server.

PhpMyAdmin includes a Import wizard that allows you import a MSSQL file type too.

See http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/server-sql-mode.html for the kinds of DB scripts it supports.

I made use of the below connection string around the Advanced tab of MySQL Migration Tool Resource for connecting to SQL Server 2008 instance:


Usually parameter has "systemNameinstanceName". However in the above mentioned, don't add "systemName" (only use InstanceName).

To check on exactly what the instanceName ought to be, visit services.msc and appearance the DisplayName from the MSSQL instance. It shows much like MSSQL$instanceName.

Hope this assist in MSSQL connectivity from mysql migration toolKit.