How you can fix the "Not Acceptable 406" error with arabic language in url ?

Not Acceptable

A suitable representation from the asked for resource / couldn't be available on this server.

Furthermore, a 404 Not Found error was experienced while attempting to make use of an ErrorDocument to handle reque

The mistake does not appear after i put british words within the url :

however it seems after i put arabic words within the url :

I've this issue in most pages.

Apache is most likely set up towards the character set UTF-8. However the finish of the URL decodes towards the byte sequence E3D1CDC8C7F0, which isn't a legitimate UTF-8 byte sequence. That's most likely why Apache boosts a mistake.

With what character set is E3D1CDC8C7F0 a legitimate byte sequence? What information does the HTTP header contain concerning the character set (you should use the HTTP Live Header plug-set for Opera to discover)?


Clearly, my answer got downvoted (with no comments). However, the recognized answer and my answer are associated. My answer provides the technical particulars and also the recognized answer describes which module accounts for the check.

I still do not understand the way the URL inside your question was produced to begin with. I do not think it is a valid URL.

I have replicated some arabic text out of your site, URL encoded it and produced the next URL, which works:

Once the page is displayed, the URL is even displayed with arabic figures in Opera.

Are you certain, crippling mod_security will solve your condition? Let's say your URL is wrong?

P.S.: When I do not understand any Arabic I really hope I did not copy any text that's insulting or confusing within this new context.

Hm, this is often a many things. To begin with, have you got mod_security? That's an Apache module allegedly making your website safer however with no real large amount of knowledge of it simply breaks your website. Just switch them back.