I've a current database. I have to create the model classes in Java from this. What are the tool/library that will permit me to get this done. It will likely be a big help whether it can emulate the entity associations within the database in to the model classes too.

It's acceptable when the tool/library works together with just one database vendor. I'll produce a database there after which create the model.

Thanks ahead of time.

EDIT : I'll most likely use Hibernate because the ORM framework basically have the ability to create the model.

The Hibernate Tools project (available being an Eclipse plug-in, plus an Ant task) enables for "reverse-engineering" of database schemas into appropriate entity classes.

This project can also be obtainable in the JBoss Tools project.

The ability enables for reverse-engineering of the database metadata right into a Hibernate configuration file. All items (such as the .java files) are produced out of this config file.

You are able to control the nature of the reverse engineering process to match your database structure. Quite simply, you are able to specify the schemas that you want to achieve the tool reverse-engineer. You might override the JDBC type mapping, aside from restricting overturn-engineering process to some selected group of tables.

Obligatory link:

Hibernate comes with an Eclipse wordpress plugin Hibernate Tools http://www.hibernate.org/subprojects/tools.html which has reverse engineering abilities.

See: http://docs.jboss.org/tools/3.2.0.GA/en/hibernatetools/html/plugins.html#refeng_codegen for additional particulars regarding how to run and personalize overturn engineering process.