Hey men, I've got a custom publish type, portfolio, and I wish to keep date from the projects. I'm able to do it the "regular" way having a meta box but I'd like a "datepicker" or something like that enjoy it.

Any idea how?

Make use of the awesome time saving wordpress plugin Custom Area Template which utilizes a pleasant date picker (http://wordpress.org/extend/plug ins/custom-area-template/)

it might be a little odd to make use of in the beginning, but when you get used to it it is extremely effective. You are able to specify a custom meta box just for your custom publish type.

Here's what you'd enter to obtain the date working.

label = Portfolio Date
type = text
date = true
dateFormat = yyyy-mm-dd

the custom area is known as portfolio_date

I alter the date format to ensure that it's simpler to sort in queries. The default the first is harmful to sorting.

and when you'll need the date to begin sooner than present day date add this

startDate = "2009-01-01"