I simply finished my first C# project in Versus 2008 which is working now. However I have to publish this project on my small website. This project interacts with my SQL Server 2008 Adventureworks database about this same computer.

I'll make use of this same computer to host the web site and house this database. I understand HTML although not how you can give a .Internet project to an internet site, especially one which also uses SQL Server. Can u offer me tips regarding what direction to go?

I began by right-clicking the project and choosing "Become Web Application" after which I decided the URL for my website. However after i visited this URL, still it shows the initial image.

  1. In IIS make a website and point it to some directory you want to place your site in.

  2. Make certain the web site qualities has got the default document you would like and also the ASP.Internet tab has got the framework you would like.

  3. Make use of the menu in VS2008 to write for this directory.

  4. Alter the connection string inside your Web.Config to suggest towards the correct database.

Asp.Internet has two kinds of projects: website and webapplication project.

It appears much like me that you're while using website project because you will find the choice to convert it the net application project. Right click assembling your shed, visit qualities, visit "MsBuild Options" tab, you will notice an Output folder, automatically, it will possess some path known as "PrecompiledWeb", this is where your output is, and also you need deploy this for your IIS directory.

you cannot convert a home windows application to some website, you need to built it on your own.

you can turn to file -> new website -> then you definitely choose ASP.Internet website.

you could also make use of the sqldatasource and gridview controls, they be very convenient.

to operate your site you are able to hit F5 or simply right click your defalut.aspx page and choose show within the browser!

take a look to learn more http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/41b1tfyt(Versus.80).aspx hope it will help

In case your asking if you're able to move the position of the ASPNETDB from the cause of the project, yes, you are able to. You will find database connection string nodes within the web.config in addition to a master-default db config inside your Visual studio master.config file; i think there's additionally a aspnetdbreg.exe or something like that like this to update the registration of the once you change its location.

Personally, I personally use visual studio 2008 and my ASPNETDB is on my small SQLServer express 2008 instance. Visit my blog for more information about this stuff.

As you are using IIS 7. what you ought to do is find a spot for your internet application to reside in (e.g. C:mywebapp).

Then open IIS 7. Manager.

Expand your pc title around the left.

Expand Sites.

Right click Default Site (I am presuming you're while using Default Site, should you aren't substitute your website reputation for Default Site) and then click Add Application.

Key in an alias for the application. This is the title you utilize to gain access to the website (e.g. if you would like the hyperlink to be http://localhost/myawesomewebapplication/ out of your local machine then key in myawesomewebapplication for that alias). Click on the ellipsis (the ...) alongside Physical Path and study towards the folder you replicated your internet files to (e.g. C:mywebapp). Click OK. Click OK to shut the Add Application window.

Presuming no errors, you need to now have the ability to browse to http://localhost/ and everything ought to be peachy.