I've been told to build up an online com port so an application the organization has can see off com "comCompanyNameV1".. I attempted to choose apart com0com, however it appear so incomplete I am finding I must kludge around large areas of it and that i haven't yet get almost anything to compare to producing. Mostly since the tools which are layed out to make use of to construct aren't available any longer.

Can anybody point me inside a direction to let me produce a virtual com port that? I truly don't wish to need to spend per month trying to puzzle out how to get it done on your own.

Oh.. if some understands how to have it completed in languages apart from c++ I am good with this too.

I didn't remember to say. The particular hardware may be mounted on com1 however i still need to possess the application continue reading the custom named com. It's a 3rd party application and we have got no clue why they selected an unusual named com, however they did.

Does http://stackoverflow.com/questions/209541/how-to-create-a-virtual-com1-port-in-windows help whatsoever?

This can be a connect to SDK that could allow it to be simpler - http://www.download32.com/virtual-serial-port-sdk-i11199.html

In answer your comments. It has been a very long time since i have did anything using the DDK but searching signifies there might be a serial port example inside. I am unable to be sure. However realistically speaking the virtual com port ought to be an NT entity having a user mode component (already provided). So I'd suspect you'd write a kernel driver that will then talk to the consumer mode process as you can see fit.