And So I set display_errors to "On" and error_confirming to E_ALLE_STRICT as well as display_startup_errors will be "On".

Yet, Apache can give us a blank page basically forget a $ or perhaps a ).

On CLI though I recieve a note.

How obtain that message displayed?

As the comment discussion hints, however , you are attempting to place it inside your script.

To be able to operate a script, the PHP interpreter must first parse that script. When the parsing fails (ie: there's a syntax error), the script is invalid, and also the interpreter does not run it whatsoever -- it produces a fatal error.

So, a syntax error is really a compile-time error, not really a run-time error.

So, should you forget a $, ), or , for instance, your script has invalid syntax. And so the script isn't run. Therefore your ini_set() and other alike claims will never be run.

The interpreter simply does not have that far.

The only method to get individuals errors to output would be to set individuals variable before the interpreter attempts to parse your damaged script, ie: in php.ini (or possibly inshtaccess if you are running under mod_php). This way, the mistake confirming configuration is placed prior to the interpreter tries to parse your damaged script.

When PHP runs your script, it is going through essentially three steps (this really is simplified):

1) Parse the script -- it scans with the whole script head to feet, and produces a representation from it. Should you designed a syntax error, it does not parse, and produces a fatal error, and stops.

2) Compiles the script -- it requires the creation of the first step, and turns it into machine code.

3) Runs the script -- it runs that machine code, that is your script, beginning basically at line 1.

The issue you are getting is the fact that throughout step one (parsing), PHP has not run All of your code (it does not, until step three). Therefore the configurations it's running under would be the default ones from PHP ini -- what you'd find out if you authored a 1-line script with merely a single phpinfo() get in touch with it.

  1. This goes to serverFault
  2. are you certain you restarted apache?
  3. are you certain you edited correct php.ini file?
  4. try error_confirming set to E_ALL

These suggestions/points ought to be done if you are editing server configuration, since you can't handle parse error in php script!