Noob here so far as uploading my first jsp site to ftp.
And So I replicated all files to public_html.
Will still be pointing to index.html because the webpage.
Must i remove index.html?
It is possible to delay on seeing results about this?
I restarted shared tomcat via cpanel also it offered me a HTTP Status 404. Must i contact hosting?

Any help could be great. Thanks!!!

The servers will invariably give high preference for index.html file over index.jsp, index.php, index.asp.

So if you wish to make use of the other extension rather than html just remove the index.html file.

Then your server will automaticaly load the index.jsp or index.php or index.asp files.

it is the server configuration that favors index.html over indes.jsp. I recommend departing a clear index.html (just in case the server configurations is totally reset and also the browsing mode is on, the customers would still not have the ability to begin to see the items in your directory) and searching for a server setting enabling you to specify index.jsp like a default site. You may also create a permanent redirect from index.html to index.jsp.