i've closed comments inside a page still the below line is displayed within the page .How do i disable wrinkles . someone help me !

Published on October 12, 2010 by sankar Comments Off Edit Surveys are closed.

You will need to edit the road that shows that from your template.

What version of Wordpress are you currently using?

In Wordpress 3+ (and perhaps earlier) you simply visit the Dashboard, click Pages, click Edit for that page under consideration, scroll lower towards the section labeled Discussion, and deselect the Allow comments &lifier Allow trackbacks &lifier pingbacks boxes. Then trash any comments connected to the Page.

Should you really meant Publish instead of Page, then Paul is correct for the reason that a small edit towards the theme is going to be necessary. NOTE: whenever you can, do that having a Child Theme which means you don't accidentally hammer the primary theme.

Presuming you're using Wordpress 3 and also the default Twenty Ten theme, edit wordpress-content/styles/twentyten/comments.php (or produce a child theme, copy comments.php, after which continue).

comments.php, line 70, reads:

if ( ! comments_open() ) :

Change it out to see:

if ( 0 && ! comments_open() ) :

That effectively kills the road after it that is where "Surveys are closed" is output, but without just removing it entirely. Clearly, if you work with another theme you will need to search lower the right line in comments.php on your own.

Observe that this can be a quick-and-dirty hack that will affect all posts. You will need to make a move a bit more involved should you only do for selected posts.