Can you really host a static html website on AppEngine? And just how to create my domain title use it?

You actually can host your static files on AppEngine. Just configure your application.yaml-file such as the following

- url: /

  static_dir: static_files

And set your files within the directory static_files. By doing this every request is routed for your static files.

This is actually the neatest solution I have run into:

The answer supplied by Benedikt does not try to offer the index.html file once the user makes its way into an URL ending with "/".

I have found things i believe is really a really neat solution.


Essentially, from what I am brought to think, you deploy DryDrop to GAE, configure (domain names, Github html repository etc.), then publish you static HTML by pushing towards the GitHub repository (GitHub utilises 'hooks' to alert you DryDrop install to the new HTML changes).

I've not tried on the extender personally, yet, but when the first kind CTO of Threadless Tees, Harper Reed, thinks it's OK, that's adequate for me personally :-D .