Im getting trouble determining my databases as correct and valid version of my model. I've got a GUID-id for my model I possibly could use, but where will i place it? I dont want a whole table with just one row with this GUID. Can there be any metadata-repository for databases (SQL Server 2008) or perhaps is there every other techniques of determining databases except their names? I possibly could title the database to my model-GUID however it does not appear right...

The scenario is much like this: I've got a Entity Framework-model and that i identify it with a GUID. I allow the user choose a database-connectionstring and today I wish to verify that it is a legitimate database (that has been produced from the application). I do each time the application begins just to be certain. What Im doing now's checking that the certain table having a certain title is available but thats not adequate enough. I wish to be 99% sure.

Edit: I would rather set this value in the DDL-script that is already establishing the database and I wish to have the ability to have it from the SqlCommand in ado.internet.

Make use of an Extended database property

In script:

USE preet;
EXEC sys.sp_addextendedproperty 
@name = N'myVersion', 
@value = N'999-abc-123-nop';


alt text

Within the UI

alt text