I must have the ability to Identify when the user is applying adblocking software once they visit this site. If they're utilizing it, I wish to display a note asking these to power it down to be able to offer the project, such as this website does:


Should you enter to that particular site as well as your browser has some type of adblock software enabled, then your site rather than showing the particular advertisements shows just a little banner telling the customers the ad revenue can be used for hosting the project plus they should think about turning Adblock off.

I wish to do this on my small website, I am using adsense advertisements onto it, How do i do this?


Not really a direct answer, but I'd place the message behind the ad to become loaded... rather that attempting to identify it, it'd only be there once the ad does not.


With jQuery:

function blockAdblockUser() {
    if ($('.myTestAd').height() == 0) {
        window.location = 'http://example.com/AdblockNotice.html';


Obviously, you should possess a website landing page for AdblockNotice.html, and also the .myTestAd class must reflect your actual ad containers. But this will work.

This website most likely does not directly identify adblockers. Thee seems to become a layer behind the ad, which is incorporated in the HTML if the adblocker is loaded or otherwise. The secret is, it's only visible if there is no ad in-front to hide it.

To identify when the user is obstructing advertisements, all you want do is look for a function within the ad javascript and check out testing for this. It does not appear method they are using to bar the ad. This is what it appears like for Adsense advertisements:

    //They're blocking ads, display your banner

This process is layed out here: http://www.metamorphosite.com/detect-web-popup-blocker-software-adblock-spam