I have seen numerous good examples from the opposite, but I am searching to visit from an anchor/hash Hyperlink to a non-anchor URL, like so:

From: http://old.swfaddress-site.com/#/page/name
To:   http://new.html-site.com/page/name

No good examples at http://karoshiethos.com/2008/07/25/handling-urlencoded-swfaddress-links-with-mod_rewrite/ have performed for me personally. It may sound like REQUEST_URI has got the /#/stuff inside it, but neither me nor my Apache (2..54) view it.

Any ideas, past encounters or achievements?

Anything following the # is really a fragment, and can not be delivered to the webserver. You can't capture it at any time there, you will need to make use of a client-on the sides method of capture individuals.

I am the writer from the publish you associated with. Wrikken is correct, this content following the named anchor isn't delivered to the server unless of course something has mangled the URL on the way. Around the client side, you'll need some JavaScript such as this inside your website landing page to redirect the swfaddress links to corresponding Web addresses on another domain:

var re = new RegExp('#(.*)');
var redirectFragment = re.exec(document.location.toString());
if (redirectFragment!=null)
    document.location = 'http://new.html-site.com'+redirectFragment[1];