I've some Very Reviews hooking up to some Sql Server db that I must identify if the connection is reliable or whether I have to give you the login info (reviews aren't provided by me and so i can't control the connect method). Basically just blindly supply login qualifications, it will not connect if it's a reliable connection.

The next doesn't work:

oRpt = oCR.OpenReport("C:\MyReport.rpt")

if oRpt.Database.Tables(1).ConnectionProperties.Item("Integrated Security") = True then 
       'trusted connection
       'supply login credentials
    end if

It provides the following error: Operator '=' isn't defined for type 'IConnectionProperty' and kind 'Boolean'.

I am unable to find how produce a construct in vb.internet for IConnectionProperty. I can not find any documents from Very that explain it. I'm using Very Reviews XI - Developer

I believe i discovered the solution. Using the property ConnectBufferString

Such as this:


You'll have a string such as this

Provider=SQLOLEDBData Source=MYPCSQLEXPRESSInitial Catalog=sample_dbUser ID=Password=Integrated Security=-1Use DSN Default Qualities=0Locale Identifier=1033Connect Timeout=15General Timeout=0OLE DB Services=-5Current Language=Initial File Title=Use File encryption for Data=0Replication server title connect option=Tag with column collation whenever possibleEquals

You simply search for the next:

Integrated Security=-1 = Reliable Connection

Integrated Security= = Untrusted Connection

Hope this can help another person since i have wasted a couple of hrs searching.