I've built my entire site using AJAX (indeed it's GWT). I've also implemented AJAX moving suggested by Google. However, following the implementation, I discovered that neither Yahoo , Bing, nor Baidu implemented that plan!

I am wondering if there's a method to identify the net client is really a search robot. If they're, they'll be proven the HTML snapshot I produced.

It will likely be best basically can identify them in APACHE level, i quickly can just perform a mod_rewrite. But it is still ok basically can perform that in PHP or GWT.

The correct answer is tricky as you will find a wide variety of search engines like google. I suppose this can not be completed in a 1 lining. If PHP is alright, I would recommend using php_browscap.ini (readily available for different languages). This can be with PHPs get_browser()-function, for instance.

You'll be able to check against various different browser stuff not to mention Bots.

During my own code clips I personally use the next function (in line with the pointed out browscap) to find the appropriate infos easily during my code:

function _browser($a_browser = false, $a_version = false, $title = false)

opera konqueror safari netscape navigator opera variety lynx amaya omniweb chrome avant camino flock seamonkey america online mozilla gecko'

 $user_browser = strtolower($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'])

 $this_version = $this_browser = ''

 $browser_limit = strlen($user_browser)

 foreach ($this->_w($browser_list) as $row)



 if ($a_browser !== false)

 amplifier&lifier !empty($this_version))




     return $ret



 $this_platform = ''

 if (strpos($user_browser, 'linux'))


 elseif (strpos($user_browser, 'macintosh')  strpos($user_browser, 'mac platform x'))


 else if (strpos($user_browser, 'windows')  strpos($user_browser, 'win32'))


 if ($title !== false)


 return array(

     "browser"      => $this_browser,

     "version"      => $this_version,

     "platform"     => $this_platform,

     "useragent"    => $user_browser



function _w($a = '')

Good examples:


// Good examples

echo '<pre>'

print_r(_browser()) // return variety of browser data

var_dump(_browser('firefox')) // return true if using opera

var_dump(_browser('msie', '>= 7.0')) // return true if using IE 7. or over else false

var_dump(_browser('firefox', '< 3..5')) // return true if using below opera 3..5 (can check minor version)

var_dump(_browser(false, false, true)) // return string of title of browser and version

// To see if Gecko browser can be used


// version_in comparison function can be used to help you make use of the same operator syntax

var_dump(_browser('firefox', 'le 1.5'))

echo '</pre>'

To get it done with Apache use a rewriteRule plus a RewriteCond on % .

The RewriteCond accepts RegExp, so you've to make use of a pattern there, which fits all individuals bots(you need to find informations building the pattern around the page linked by acme).

But be cautious: Search-engines may penalize pages that deliver different contents towards the bots and also to others clients.