I've got a table in sql server 2008, I have to identify an order of insertion within the table without needing identity area. this also table isn't that contains any datetime datatype area. please suggest me the answer.

You cannot.

There's no implied or built-in sort to a table. A table is simply a assortment of rows. A question up for grabs comes with an a purchase (for instance, earliest to latest) if you are using an ORDER BY something.

You've stated you've got nothing such as this. You've got no options.

A table, obviously, is definitely an unordered group of rows. Think about tossing a lot of beanbags on the ground. What order did they land in? Unless of course you've stored track when you were tossing them, or labeled all of them with 1,2,3 etc., you've no clue. (Let us disregard the situation where all of them occur to land on the top of one another.)

You cannot make any presumptions about order insertion (e.g. by utilizing physical order or by thinking an order that SELECT * without any ORDER BY returns) unless of course you've another information to put into practice. Alex Kuznetsov includes a pretty short blog post demonstrating that you will find many variables that may shape order apart from order of insertion.